“The Gift of Self”

every child is a god idea

“The Gift of Self”

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

Matt 22:39 

We are a God idea! (Ps 139:13-16) created in love, by love, to come to this earth to give and receive love. God tells us this in John 15:16. “You did not choose me, but I chose you to go and bear much fruit. Coming to know, accept, and love this unique person God created you to be is one of the greatest adventures you will ever encounter in this life.

Reread the verse from Matthew and notice it does not say, “Love your neighbor instead of yourself.” Many of us have been convinced that loving ourselves is the equivalent to being selfish. Matthew makes a bold assumption that we are loving ourselves and then encourages us to love your neighbor as our self.

God calls us to discover and enjoy all the gifts and talents he has given us. Each of us is unique and has a one of a kind plan for our life. To bring back an oldie but a goodie…we do not have to be afraid of unwrapping the gift God created us to be “Because God does not make junk”.

god doesn't make junk