Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

“True healing comes by the nourishing of the mind, body, and spirit.” ~ Unknown

Like life and nature, people are not one dimensional. Traditional talk therapy accompanied by compassionate listening is an important part of our clients’ therapy experience. But it is only a piece of the integrated approach to therapy at CCM Counseling & Wellness. Complementary therapies provide a multi-dimensional approach to counseling.

Connecting to Your Inner Strengths

In recent years, the science of knowing how the brain works has been combined with how our body stores trauma. The result is new body (somatic), brain, and spiritual interventions. These interventions help clients heal and connect to their inner strength and guidance systems.

Understanding How Your Brain Works

Try this. Make a fist with your thumb tucked inside. Your fist represents your brain, and your arm represents your spine. Your knuckles are the front of your brain where decisions are made. This is also your talking center. 

Your thumbnail is your limbic system. This is your emotion center, survival mechanism, and flight, fight, or freeze center. It is five times faster than the decision-maker, so it can sometimes highjack the decision-maker. Where your hand meets your arm is similar to where your brain connects to your spine. Oftentimes, nonverbal information is stored in this area. It is called the somatic connection because it connects to your body, your brain’s satellite dish. 

You’ve probably heard the saying, “All hands, on deck.”  We find that the hands needed on deck for therapy to have a significant positive influence for clients means a client having access to all their resources.  For many of our clients this means tapping into their spiritual beliefs.  Going inside to better understand who we are and where we find our meaning can be a very empowering experience for clients.

Experiencing Long-lasting Healing

When clients experience anxiety, depression or other concerns, they often feel overwhelmed. Their coping mechanisms no longer work. This is because the emotions of the limbic system and the nonverbal imprints from the somatic system create a two-against-one scenario. The decision-maker and talking center are struggling. 

“I can’t talk myself out of this anymore,” one client reported. Clients need to engage beyond their talking center to find long-lasting healing and change.

Accessing Complementary Therapies

You’ve probably heard the saying, “All hands, on deck.” In therapy, this means clients have access to all available resources. Clients benefit by combining complementary therapies with talk therapy and compassionate listening. Our clients feel empowered by better understanding who they are and where they find meaning in life. Many tap into their spiritual beliefs.

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Your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear. Isaiah 58: 8

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