Who We Serve

Who We Serve

“The falls in our life provide us with the energy to propel ourselves to a higher level.” ~ W. Dyer

Are you experiencing a time of transition that’s painful or filled with anxiety?

Are you depressed or dissatisfied with your life, marriage, or personal relationships?

Are you yearning for loving support to heal and rebuild your life?

CCM serves people just like you.

CCM Counseling & Wellness serves people just like you – people open to learning why they do what they do. We don’t just manage a symptom. Instead, we help you discover the cause of the pain, whether it’s a belief, thinking pattern, misconception, or trauma needing to be released. CCM counsels children, adults, couples, and families.

What struggles do you face?

We help people who:

  • Long for inner calm
  • Want to heal old hurts
  • Are willing to face their fears
  • Struggle with relationships
  • Seek insights and new perspectives

Loving support leads to healing.

CCM Counseling & Wellness wants to be a source of loving support and a resource for healing and rebuilding your life. Cliché as it sounds, we want to be the wind beneath your wings.

We know you have what it takes to soar.

Individual Support Therapy

Individual Therapy

Holding Hands in Support

Couples and Relationship Therapy

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Child and Teen Therapy