music and butterflies - hopeA songwriter once wrote the words, “people…people who need people…are the luckiest people in the world.” Most of us would be willing to agree with this song lyric and yet we live in a culture that to some degree still attaches stigma or judgment to reaching out for therapy/counseling. This mindset has been the catalyst for an entire industry being born: Life Coaching and Mentoring. For many clients therapy is life coaching and mentoring. Yet it can also be help with managing and learning to cope with mental illness.

In a card we recently sent out from our office we wrote….Once upon a time there was an idea…why not let people use their spiritual connection to help their healing. This is another option our therapists/counselors can offer clients as they are trained in how to help people tap into this powerful resource.



hand, heart, spiritNo doubt about it, the song lyric mentioned in the first paragraph expresses a powerful awareness that people needing people can be a gift. People being willing to “see, hear and value” someone else’s story while sharing their insights and experience can be a means for healing, discernment and offer relief from having to carry a burden alone.

Our therapist/counselors at CCM Counseling & Wellness are the kind of people whose passion is having the opportunity to come along side someone, listen attentively to their story and guide their process of connecting to the information they are seeking, tapping into the healing they so richly deserve and creating the life they want to have.

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Sharon Paprocki MAC, NCC, LPC
Marcia Thompson M.Ed., MSE., L.P.C.
Jacob Kumpfer MMFT, Professional Counselor