“You can do amazing things if you have strong faith, deep desire, and just hang in there.” ~ NV Peale

We believe in the power of extending healing and hope to others, whether in our counseling offices or through outreach. To support this belief, we compiled a variety of resources for inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, and insight. 

Research shows that feeling safe, supported, and connected frees us from focusing on survival tasks. Rather, we are able to explore our world, building resources for times of stress and anxiety. The overall result is the opportunity to create a strong, healthy sense of wellbeing. 

To support your journey to a healthier life, we invite you to listen to the wisdom shared in HOLLY’S HEART TO HEART, feel inspired reading the scripture and quotes from WORD ALIVE and giggle as you look through THE LIGHTER SIDE OF LIFE. We hope these inspirational resources help you connect to your own inner strength and assure you that you matter. You can do amazing things!

woman reading book

Word Alive

Through Word Alive you can explore scripture as it applies to good mental health ideas.

walking on a beach at sunset

Mindfulness Meditation

Find the inspiration to live in the moment and occasionally enjoy less doing and more being.

stacked books

Book Nook

If you enjoy a good read.  We have some ideas you might enjoy.

cartoon kids holding hands around a heart

Daily Life – Sharing the Journey

Here you will find tips, stories, and insights to support your day to day journey.

Holly's Heart to Heart

Holly’s Heart to Heart

A practical, humorous way for woman to relate their everyday experiences to the messages in scripture.

frog laying on it's back

Lighter Side of Life

A lighter look at life is a dose of laughter for good mental health.