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Why Choose Us?

For over four decades, CCM Counseling & Wellness has journeyed with clients on transformational paths to healing and wholeness.

Your ability to heal and embrace a healthy, fulfilling life is far greater than anyone has allowed you to believe. By connecting to the amazing strength that exists within you, it’s possible to break free of what holds you back. With CCM Counseling & Wellness, you can discover solutions, experience personal growth, and find support through hard times.

Our licensed, experienced counselors are ready to meet you right where you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We partner with you to explore what lies beneath the surface of your symptoms or personal concerns. We equip you with tools to effectively move forward and navigate a healthy life.

CCM is a safe place to heal hurting hearts, lighting the way to a healthier you.

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Who We

We provide client-centered, collaborative therapy to individuals, couples, and families in all stages and phases of life.

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Therapies We

We offer our clients the chance to KNOW themselves better, FEEL better on all levels, and in turn DO better in life.

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Traditional talk therapy paired with compassionate listening is important, but it’s only a piece of the approach that we offer clients.