Our Story

Our Story

Open Arms, Open Hearts, Open Minds is the outlook held by everyone you will meet at CCM Counseling & Wellness

Our Staff

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The licensed/certified therapists at CCM Counseling and Wellness provide counseling services for children, teens, and adults.  We believe that the client/counselor relationship must be grounded in respect, acceptance, and trust. We recognize that “good health” and “mental wellbeing” is a result of healing all aspects of a person’s life: mind, body, and spirit.

Additionally, we honor the spiritual beliefs and traditions of each client. The source that motivates and inspires our counselors is their belief that they are not alone. Our counselors are aware of the key role God has in supporting their professional and personal lives. If you choose, you are given the option to use your spiritual connection as a resource during therapy.

Our Building

Just like our clients, our building has its own unique story. Our building was once the home of Champeau School. The children who walked the halls and sat in the classrooms are now adults with their own children. However, the good vibes from their laughter, curiosity, and dreams make this a special place. It’s a place to find what you need to experience your best life.

Our Office

Our office space is one of the first things new clients notice. We often hear them say, “This is not what I expected. It is like walking into someone’s home, instead of an office.” Our staff and therapists know it takes courage to reach out for help, especially for such a personal part of our lives like mental health. So, we want our office to be a relaxing, private space that feels familiar, not sterile.  

We have cozy sitting areas and a waiting room with comfortable furniture and a library. A new client can fill out paperwork while enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, or water. Our clients can choose from a selection of inspirational, informational, fun fictional books, or videos. We have an easy check-out system for clients to borrow materials.

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Faith and Love Room

Our Vision

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CCM Counseling & Wellness is committed to providing a safe place to heal hurting hearts.

This includes building a stronger community by empowering people through counseling, education and creating opportunities to transform and embrace a life of wholeness.

SAFE: We are all on this journey of life together. Rooted in God’s love and compassion, CCM Counseling & Wellness provides clients an inviting, secure, and nurturing environment. Our staff lovingly supports and works with clients as they sort through concerns, choices, transitions, and changes.

HEAL: Our professional counseling staff is trained and experienced in helping individuals, couples, and families who seek help to identify their issues. We guide them to a life of stability, peace, and fulfillment.

HURTING HEARTS: Life can be hard. Sometimes, life surprises us with unwanted, unexpected challenges. We all have experienced emotional and spiritual pain. CCM Counseling & Wellness offers people the opportunity to begin their healing process. Therapists integrate traditional counseling techniques of education, effective life-skill building, and scripture as a guide for insight. In addition, clients can explore their body-mind connection through Reiki, Breathwork, and Brainspotting.

EMPOWERING: Many of us need to be reminded of the power we hold within ourselves. It is our goal to shine a light on our clients’ strengths and share helpful information. Clients experience a growing sense of self-confidence, understanding, and personal awareness.

TRANSFORM AND EMBRACE: Therapy is a process through which clients gain new insights. Although helpful, the insights alone are not enough. Instead, insights combined with action create transformation and change. Our clients are supported through their choice of action and are ready to embrace the new life they create.


Since the founding of CCM Counseling & Wellness, we have been a “safe place to heal hurting hearts.” Thus, we chose a lighthouse to represent CCM. Lighthouses are secure structures that have a bright light. They are beacons that guide ships and identify safe ports. To welcome our clients into their safe port, the reception area wall has a lighthouse. Within the beam of light is the word “Believe.” This reminds clients they have the power to achieve the life they deserve.



We now celebrate an even more inspiring reason for having a lighthouse represent CCM.  Yes, just like our first lighthouse years ago, we are a safe place for clients to heal. Our lighthouses have evolved over the years. So, too, has our reason for keeping the lighthouse. Today, we witness our clients become their own lighthouses. Our clients connect to their inner strength, heal, and beam brightly on their own.

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