Inner Peace

cartoon woman doing yoga

These are the kind of days where unwinding our nervous system to remove some of the overload is very important so give yourself a brain break.   Author M. Kahn shares this brief method for a quick pick me up.

Close your eyes, follow your breathing, notice if your breaths are shallow or deep into your core.  To move from shallow breathing, breathe in through your nose while you imagine smelling your favorite fragrance.  When we like a certain scent it automatically slows our breath so we can take in more of that scent.  As you are imagining your favorite scent and your breath is at its natural peak pause for just a moment before letting the breath out through your mouth.  Repeat this breathing pattern for 3- 5 minutes.

“By breathing in through your nostrils, you welcome in the delicious fragrance of your divinity, holding the breath for a moment to savor the magnificence of life and then letting it out as blessings of compassion, joy, and ease for one and all.” (M. Kahn)  Your brain break becomes a blessing for you and for all those around you.