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Word Alive


Time – Space – Grace

What a gift “time, space and grace” are.  God truly knows the value of these gifts as He extends them to us each day.  How wonderful it would be if we in turn, would offer these gifts to others; time to be renewed and to learn, space to be free and to grow, and the grace to do all of the above.

1 John 3:14a tells us “We know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brethren.”  As we gift others, so we are gifted by God.

Who in your life needs you to give them the gift of time, space and grace?


Book Nook

To Heaven and Back

The book “To Heaven and Back” was written by Dr. Mary Neil who is a renowned board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon.  She described her previous spiritual connection as one that had ebbed and flowed throughout most of her childhood and adulthood.  That is, until the fateful day when her spirit took a journey well beyond most people’s comprehension.

As a very physically active individual, it was not surprising that Dr. Mary and her husband decided to join friends on a challenging kayaking trip to southern Chile.  It was a decision that changed her life forever and more importantly – her relationship with God.  

Neil vividly recounts the very moment she felt her spirit leave this earth and become present with angels.  She describes detailed conversations which took place while her loved ones feverishly struggled to locate her body underwater and begin life saving resuscitation.  It has been estimated that it was a frantic 10-15 minute period before Dr. Mary was pulled from the rushing water.  Neil was told by the angels that her work on earth was not finished.  Her difficult physical and emotional recovery took over 1 ½ years.  

Dr. Mary Neil describes her intention in writing the book as “I want people to know that God’s unconditional love for each of us is intense, complete, and is reflected in all the heavens.  Neil’s book will capture your attention and leave you searching for answers.  Once started, you will find the book difficult to put down.