Spiritual Focused Therapy

Spiritual Focused Therapy

“The very breath of God is within you.” ~ Job 33:4

When we start a project, we usually begin by gathering the materials and resources we need to be successful. Therapists at CCM Counseling & Wellness also gather materials and resources for counseling. They ask themselves, “How do we build success for our clients?” In many instances, a client’s spiritual connection contributes to success. Integrating faith into their therapy experience can be very beneficial.

Spiritual-Focused Therapy

CCM Counseling & Wellness is thrilled to offer a spiritual, faith component to therapy. Our therapists are trained to integrate spirituality with counseling. Clients can lean into their spiritual connections as a resource for healing.

Faith Promotes Healing 

Being rooted in God’s love can provide a sense of belonging and connection. This helps promote healing and resilience. Additionally, spirituality positively impacts a client’s ability to cope with life’s challenges. Spiritual beliefs and value systems are integral parts of who we are and how we choose to live.

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