Sharon Paprocki

Sharon Paprocki MAC, NCC, LPC

I am Sharon Paprocki, my journey to becoming a licensed professional counselor and member of the CCM staff began in the spring of 2008. I took a leap of faith and did not renew my teaching contract in order to put my full efforts into pursuing what God was asking of me, becoming a holistic psychotherapist.

As I celebrate and reflect on the process there is no doubt in my mind that God walked the journey with me filling in the gaps each time I felt like I had reached “my end.” My dream is to provide people an option for their healing that includes talk therapy along with additional interventions that focus on mind, spirit, and body wholeness and vitality. I truly believe that this holistic combination allows a client to explore and engage all their strengths while healing, changing, and growing. CCM Counseling & Wellness is a perfect fit for me.

It is also my privilege to hold the title of Director of CCM Counseling & Wellness. Knowing that I have the opportunity to help continue the tradition that started back inĀ 1980 of offering healing and hope to our community encouraging people to reach out and embrace their full potential.

Currently, I work with school age children, teens and adults who are addressing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, abuse, anger and stress management issues. I also see individuals sorting through life’s transitions such as unemployment, divorce, or relocation. I meet with individuals and couples regarding marriage and/or relationship struggles.

I have done additional training in order to offer trauma survivors a body-centered approach to healing called Breathwork Therapy. Under the mentorship and training of CCM Founder, Marcia Thompson, I have learned enhancing spiritual therapies that clients can opt to explore during their sessions. I am also very excited about another training (being held the fall of 2014) that I will be participating in; Brainspotting. This powerful trauma processing, mindfulness focused tool will be another holistic healing tool I will be able to offer my clients.

I am also very excited about having been trained in Brainspotting. This powerful trauma processing, mindfulness focused tool is another holistic healing tool that has proven to be a very successful way for clients to release the unwanted energy blocks created by past traumas of any intensity.

A bridge is engineered for one purpose, which is to provide passage from one spot to another. As your therapist, I hope to provide you a bridge between who you are and who you want to become. By supporting the whole of you – mind, body, and spirit – I believe your hurts can be healed and new insights can light your path to the future you desire. I look forward to meeting you.