Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s Therapy

Love is a two way street constantly under construction.” ~ Carroll Bryant

Most every intimate relationship can benefit from couple’s therapy. “You don’t have to be sick to get better,” is a true saying. Spouses and couples can enrich an already healthy relationship with couple’s therapy or marriage counseling.

Couple’s Therapy &

Marriage Counseling

Although couples’ relationships can be rewarding and fulfilling, these relationships also can be filled with challenges. Keeping a relationship or marriage healthy and satisfying for both parties can be difficult. It’s normal to feel frustrated when things get hard. Couple’s therapy and marriage counseling can provide answers to partners’ and spouses’ most pressing questions. Counseling helps them discover their individual triggers and other aspects of a relationship.

Issues Between Spouses, Partners

Common issues that arise in marriages and couple relationships involve:

  • Lack of Communication
  • Free time activities
  • Intimacy
  • Career
  • Past relationships
  • Infidelity
  • Money
  • Division of household chores
  • Parenting
  • Extended family obligations
  • Snoring or other personal habits
  • Abusive patterns
Holding Hands Sunset

Relationships Are Like a Dance

Marriage and dating relationships can be compared to a dance. Like in any dance, dancers sometimes stop on their partners’ toes. This happens mainly because individuals come into the relationship with their own learned dance steps. Therapy explores traits, filters, and habits that are productive or in need of a change.

Troubles Might Not Just Go Away

Maybe you hope your relationship troubles go away on their own. However, an unhealthy relationship that’s left unattended may worsen. Eventually, it may lead to physical or psychological problems such as depression. An unhealthy relationship also can create problems on the job or impact family or friends.

Therapists Are a Neutral Source

CCM Counseling & Wellness therapists are a neutral resource for couples to lean into. The therapists:

  • Promote two-way communication
  • Identify positive ways of interacting and thinking
  • Unlock solutions based on self-awareness, love, and dedication
  • Support the belief that a healthy relationship is possible

Benefits of individual counseling

Occasionally, a couple’s or marriage counselor determines each client may benefit from individual therapy. Think of it like this: Relationships average out to 50/50 give and take. A key part of the formula is often overlooked. Each person is 100% responsible for his or her 50%. Integrating individual therapy into couple counseling assures that each person brings 100% to the relationship.

Benefits of couple’s therapy

Above all, couple and marriage counseling help spouses and partners:

  • Gain insight into relational patterns
  • Increase their emotional expression
  • Develop skills to communicate
  • Learn to problem-solve more effectively

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