Wisdom Tree Wellness

Wisdom Tree Wellness

“Everyone carries with them at least one piece to someone else’s puzzle.” ~ L Kushner

We invite you to consider the valuable emotional and spiritual gift that integrating physical energy clearing and balancing can be for you.  By releasing places in your physical body that have stored unhealthy energy you can restore healthy connections to your emotional and spiritual self.  Each supports the other. 

Craniosacral Therapy

As therapists at CCM Counseling & Wellness, we believe so strongly in the body, mind, spirit connection that we have partnered with Tanya Kriesel, founder and owner of Wisdom Tree Wellness. She provides craniosacral therapy and helps balance the nervous system and release physical restrictions and emotional blockages.

Wisdom Tree Wellness

Holistic psychotherapy often includes phrases like “working on my inner child” or “working on releasing the trauma” or “working to shift the negative beliefs.”  The word “work” is meant to speak more to the adventure and interactive nature of therapy. Yet it also can be likened to an emotional workout, much like exercising is a physical workout. The end result is so worth the effort.

Located Across the Hall From CCM

Tanya’s work with our clients is like a great massage or hot tub experience after a workout. There is so much benefit. All you are required to do is relax and receive. Wisdom Tree Wellness is located across the hall from our offices. This makes it easier for you to schedule sessions with your counselor and Tanya as well. Visit their website by clicking on their logo below:

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