Public Presentations

Public Presentations

presentationsHealing and change starts only after a person is aware of their need and can access new information, insights, and actions. For us at CCM Counseling & Wellness this means providing opportunities to build awareness and access to professional help.

We provide the people, couples, and families in our community the chance to connect to outpatient counseling and therapy as well as online support and inspiration to promote health for all areas of their life; body, mind, and spirit.

Our counselors love the opportunity to present at retreats, workshops, and for various group meetings. The presentations are a means for people to tap into the information that can assist them in making long term changes and experience healing.



Circles of Life
Understanding why I do what I do – making changes

Your Relationship with Money Matters
Exploring your beliefs about money – abundance or lack

Creative Conflict Management
Replace fueling the fire with dousing the fire of conflict

Your Mess Can Be Someone Else’s Message
A new way to view life’s challenges

7 Simple Steps to a Healthier You & Your Relationships
User friendly choices to promote healthy change around you

Making a difference for yourself and for one person at a timeā€¦

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