Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Internship 1CCM COUNSELING & WELLNESS was founded by Marcia Thompson whose career path originated in education. Her love of teaching others is now focused on passing on her knowledge and experience of the “how to’s” of Christian Counseling. Providing interns with the opportunity to learn and practice how to integrate the client’s spiritual life into their therapy process has become an integral part of who we are.

Being an intern at CCM has been such a blessing. The support from the staff allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The environment at CCM is very giving and caring. I was afforded the opportunity to learn Christian Counseling techniques and interventions that are sure to be wonderful tools for me to take with me and help others with. Working with fellow interns at CCM was also a wonderful opportunity. The alternative points of view offered to me by my fellow intern were so insightful and proved to be very useful information to bring to sessions with clients. I will never forget the lessons and growth I experienced at CCM. My lessons will truly be a gift to my clients in the future.
Stephanie, Green Bay, WI



Internship 2

As a graduate student, the task of finding a meaningful internship site can be a difficult process. The time and dedication of both the student and site supervisor requires a great deal of commitment. My experience at CCM Counseling & Wellness has provided an extraordinary element to my success as a graduate student and my journey to becoming a professional community counselor. The welcoming environment of the staff and clients gave me a unique chance to observe and practice my counseling skills. From day one, I was included in all aspects of the agency from client sessions, to office support. I gained insight into understanding the demands of running a sound counseling business. CCM far exceeded my expectations and continues to play a significant role in my career. I can truly say it has been a privilege and an honor to work at CCM Counseling & Wellness.
Amy, DePere, WI

To become an INTERN at CCM Counseling & Wellness please give us a call to set up your free one hour appointment/interview. It is common for our intern positions to be filled at least one semester in advance so calling early is to your advantage.