Sharon Paprocki

Sharon Paprocki MAC, LPC, Director

Sharin” the journey is a dream come true.

My journey to become a licensed professional counselor and member of the CCM staff began in the spring of 2008. I took a leap of faith and did not renew my teaching contract. Instead, I put my full effort into pursuing what God asked of me, becoming a holistic psychotherapist. As I celebrate and reflect on the process, I know that God walked with me on my journey. Each time I felt like I reached my end, God filled in the gaps.

Holistic Psychotherapist

Sharon Paprocki

My goal as a holistic psychotherapist is to provide talk therapy and additional interventions, focusing on mind, spirit, and body. This holistic combination allows a client to explore and engage all their strengths while healing, changing, and growing. CCM Counseling & Wellness is a perfect fit for me.

Director of CCM

It is also my privilege to be the director of CCM Counseling & Wellness. I’m proud to continue the CCM tradition started in 1980. CCM Counseling & Wellness offers healing and hope to the community and encourages people to reach out and embrace their full potential.

Compassionate Counselor

Currently, I work with school-age children, teens and adults. I help them address depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, abuse, anger and stress management. I also see individuals sorting through life’s transitions such as unemployment, divorce, or relocation. Additionally, I meet with individuals and couples regarding marriage or relationship struggles.

Trained Professional

In recent years, I gained knowledge and training in these and other holistic healing tools:

Breathwork Therapy: Offers trauma survivors a body-centered approach to healing

Spiritual therapy: Integrates a spiritual, faith component to therapy

Brainspotting: Releases the unwanted energy blocks created by past traumas

Bridge Builder

A bridge is engineered for one purpose: to provide passage from one spot to another. As your therapist, I hope to provide a bridge between who you are and who you want to become. By supporting the whole you – mind, body, and spirit – I believe your hurts can heal. New insights can light your path to the future you desire. I look forward to meeting you.

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