Internship Outreach

Internship Outreach

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” ~ S. Manaboli

Internship Program

CCM Counseling & Wellness serves the mental health and wellness of people in the Green Bay area. Over the past 35 years, CCM developed a tradition of building a stronger community. By empowering clients through counseling and education, counselors help them embrace a life of wholeness.

CCM’s mission includes outreach to people who might not have access to supportive and healing counseling services. Years ago, CCM Counseling & Wellness established an Intern and Free Counseling Outreach Program. This program connects no-income and low-income individuals with quality mental health care.

As a graduate student, the task of finding a meaningful internship site can be a difficult process. The time and dedication of both the student and site supervisor requires a great deal of commitment. My experience at CCM Counseling & Wellness has provided an extraordinary element to my success as a graduate student and my journey to becoming a professional community counselor. The welcoming environment of the staff and clients gave me a unique chance to observe and practice my counseling skills. From day one, I was included in all aspects of the agency from client sessions, to office support. I gained insight into understanding the demands of running a sound counseling business. CCM far exceeded my expectations and continues to play a significant role in my career. I can truly say it has been a privilege and an honor to work at CCM Counseling & Wellness.

Amy,  DePere, WI

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To apply for the internship program at CCM Counseling & Wellness, please give us a call. We will schedule a free, one-hour appointment/interview. Intern positions commonly are filled at least one semester in advance. So, calling early is advantageous.

Internship Outreach:

Free Counseling

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Interns at CCM Counseling & Wellness are in their final stage of training before graduation. They are supervised by a site supervisor and a supervisor from their college Master’s program. Each intern undergoes additional training at CCM in Christian and Spiritual counseling before seeing their own clients. For qualifying individuals, therapy with a CCM intern is free of charge.

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