Circles of Life

Circles of Life

Unique to CCM Counseling & Wellness is the enlightening approach to discovering who we are called The Circles of Life. The “Circles of Life” is an easy to understand process that can change and enrich a person’s life. It is an effective tool that creator Marcia Thompson has used successfully with clients for 25 years. Counselors at CCM have also been trained to use this tool with clients.


Circles of lifeCircle patterns can be found many places in nature. In this case, these circles tell the story of the tree and the environment it grew in.

The most common information the circles point to is the age of the tree. Besides the age of the tree the circles give insight into What type of growing conditions the tree experienced.

They will reflect drought or if the tree had adequate moisture and a long, warm growing season. To the expert eye the circles will reveal when the tree endured climatic trauma or disease.



Circles of life 2

The Circles of Life is a tool that can help us connect to our personal story and understand why we do what we do and why we respond the way we do. It also outlines a roadmap for lasting change. It is easy to understand process that is non-blaming and biblically sound. The Circles include insights that help a person uncover thinking patterns that no longer serve them which in turn leads to healthier thinking patterns that can sustain positive growth and change.

Marcia ThompsonFrom the founder of
“The Circles of Life” Marcia Thompson

I believe “The Circles of Life” is an answer to prayer. It has personally and professionally been life changing for myself and for my clients. If you would like a session in which you have the chance to learn the tool and how to apply the information to your life, call for a session with any one of our counselor’s. 498-3383