About Us

About Us “Open Arms, Open Hearts, Open Minds”

About HopeOur Staff of licensed/certified professionals provide counseling services for children, teens, and adults. We believe that the client/counselor relationship must be grounded in respect, acceptance, and trust. We recognize that “good health” and “mental wellbeing” is a result of healing all aspects of a person’s life; mind, spirit, and body.

We are dedicated to honoring the spiritual beliefs and traditions of each of our clients. The SOURCE that motivates and inspires our counselors to serve others is their belief that they are not alone. Our counselors are aware of the key role God has in supporting their professional and personal lives. If you choose, you are given the option to use your spiritual connection as a resource during therapy.

Each counselor has provided a bio and video so that you might learn more about them. Click on an individual’s name to view this information.



OUR OFFICE space is one of the first things many of our new, CCM Counseling & Wellness, clients comment on. “This is not what I expected. It is like walking into someone’s home instead of an office.”

Our staff and therapists know it can take courage to reach out for help especially when it comes to such a personal part of our lives like our mental health; so we want people to be met with a private space that is easy to relax in and that feels familiar not sterile.

A new client has the opportunity to fill out paperwork while enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, or water. We have cozy sitting areas and a waiting room that has comfortable, relaxing furniture that also includes a library. Our clients can choose from a selection of inspirational, informational, or fun-fictional books, as well as video options. We have an easy check out system for clients to borrow books, cd’s, and videos.

Office Hours:
M-T 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Client “after hours” sessions are available by appointment.

Our Mission: We are committed to providing: a safe place to heal hurting hearts.
This includes Building a stronger community by empowering people through counseling, education and creating opportunities to transform and embrace a life of wholeness.

About sunsetSAFE: We are ALL on this journey called LIFE together. Rooted in God’s love and compassion, CCM Counseling & Wellness provides clients an inviting, secure, and nurturing environment. Our staff lovingly supports and works with our clients as they sort through their concerns, choices, transitions and changes.

HEAL: Our professional counseling staff is trained and experienced in helping individuals, couples, and families who are seeking help to identify their issues and guide them to a life of stability, peace, and fulfillment.

HURTING HEARTS: Life can get hard and sometime surprise us with unwanted, unexpected challenges. We have all experienced emotional and spiritual pain. CCM Counseling & Wellness offers people the opportunity to begin their healing process through traditional counseling techniques of education, effective life skill building and using scripture as a guide for insight. In addition, our clients can explore their body-mind connection through Reiki, Craniosacral, EFT, Reflexology and Massage Therapy.

EMPOWERING: Many of us need a reminder of the power we each hold within ourselves. It is our goal to shine a light on our client’s strengths and share helpful information so that each client might experience a growing sense of self-confidence, understanding and personal awareness.

TRANSFORM AND EMBRACE: Therapy is a process through which clients gain new insights. Although helpful the insights alone are not enough. However insights combined with action creates transformation and change. Our clients are supported through their choice of action and are ready to embrace the new life they are creating.