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Sharin the Journey: A message from the Director

        Hi!  My name is Tobias, Toby, for short.  I am an 8 year old Lilac Siamese cat.  I lived most of my life with Judy.  Three months ago Judy got sick, had to go to the hospital and then a nursing home.  I got visit her two times.  It was very sad and hard to leave her.  Judy died April 18th.

I have been living in our apartment alone.  I sleep on Judy’s pillows so I can still smell her.  Our neighbor Bill comes in every day to feed me, give me fresh water, clean my litter box and spend some time with me.  Bill has a dog who always kisses me hello when he visits.

I am looking for a new home where I can love and be loved.  I am easy to take care of and the only trouble I ever got into was when Judy used to want to sleep and I wanted to play.

If you are interested (or if you know someone who would be interested) in meeting me please send an email to  This is Judy’s sister’s email.  Her name is Marcia and she is doing her best to help me find a new home.  When you email Marcia please tell her a little about yourself and let her know if you would like to be called or reached by return email.  Marcia will get back to you and arrange for us to meet.