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Sharin the journey: A message from the Director

What can you get for a                          kaila and lamp
     $-Dollar-$ these days?

My answer may surprise you….

In just a week we will be celebrating the birth — history
of our wonderful nation.  Looking back is great fun and
so is recognizing the gift of the present.  Recently, during
lunch at CCM our newest staff member, Tammy, shared a story that impressed each of us around the table.

Tammy and her daughter spent a Saturday enjoying the adventure of estate sale shopping.  It was late in the day and their perusing was winding down.  They made one last stop where they met a very nice lady.  She had spent her entire day meeting, greeting and selling belongings to various shoppers. By the time Kaila and Tammy met her she was beginning to pack up and willing to do anything so she would not have to make countless trips to the local donation center.
Kaila had taken note of a lamp but it wasn’t her style and was priced way more than she was willing to spend.  I don’t remember all the details of the conversation that took place but in the end the lady looked at Tammy and Kaila saying something like, “Hey will you take it for a buck and you will be saving me a trip.”

Kaila not only got a great deal, she brought a big smile to a tired lady’s face.  For Kaila this lamp was more than a great buy it was an opportunity.  Kaila brought the lamp home, took it apart and updated the stem and base of the lamp with a fresh coat of paint.  Then she gave the shade an upgrade as well.  With a little TLC and DYI know-how Kaila had created a striking contemporary lamp for her apartment.

In this day and age where we hear all the reports on how the young people of today have attitudes of entitlement; which is just the tip of the negative press iceberg; it was such a treat to witness just the opposite.  A young woman enjoying time with her parent, bargaining hunting to save her hard earned money, bringing a smile to a stranger’s face, using her creative gifts in a positive way, and bringing beauty into the world.
So, What can you get for a $-DOLLAR-$ these days?  For me it was hope and promise.  I truly believe that as we celebrate our country’s history we can celebrate its present and future as I am sure there are more stories out there just like this one.

Now that’s real BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! firecracker