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Word Alive

“Being Love”bending person heart

Freedom is the power to give self permanently in love.

 Paul Hinnebush, OP

Love is the reason we exist.  We were created by God to give and receive love.  However the balance between giving and receiving love often seems out of balance.

Over the years, I have discovered that the receiving of love is a natural result from the giving of love.  The balance of love comes to us when we freely extend love to others and find love being returned.

As we choose to reach out in love, love most often comes back twicefold.  This pattern is validated in scripture: 1 John 4:19 “We love because God first loved us.”

Even when love is not returned for love given, we can always know the worth of that love is acknowledged in God’s eyes.

Love is never wasted.

Sharin’ the Journey — A message from the Director

holy handiworkOne of the most exciting parts of working with clients is witnessing “Holy Handiwork.”  As a counselor I get to witness God’s working in people’s lives and I also am blessed in that client’s in turn often are my teachers and messengers.  Some time ago a client came and shared that in several areas of his life he felt stuck, frustrated and out of options.  One area in particular was his job.  The client explained the various ways he had tried to pursue improvement for himself while becoming a more valuable asset to the company.  This process and his attempts to advance had been ongoing for several years.  More recently he questioned and opened up conversations with supervisors and their bosses to try and understand why the opportunities he longs for and feels qualified for have not been presented.  The client described that the response from those he had spoken to has turned out to be nothing more than “rhetoric”.

During a session this week the client described that he had decided to make himself a parachute.  The parachute image represented his decision to change direction and create for himself a safety plan.  Instead of trying to pursue advancement in the company he had decided to return to school to first attain an Associate’s Degree and then on to his Bachelor’s Degree.   With this degree added to his significant manufacturing experience new opportunities are on his horizon.  What the client shared next was a great lesson for me and I hope you can find meaning for it in your life as well.

He took out his phone and pulled up a message he had been holding onto as it had inspired him to rethink his actions.  He read, “If God shuts a door.  Stop knocking.  What doors closed and openis on the other side of the door is not in your best interest, not in your highest good.”  I immediately thought of the gospels of Luke and Matthew where each encourages us….

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

The insight from this client’s message — that if we let go (stop knocking on what we think is for us) and let God guide us to the door…we will land on the threshold of what best serves our needs and brings us to who we were created to be – has proved to me that scripture is alive with richer perspectives and deeper meanings.

Thank you God for continuing to open the doors, that lead me closer to You!

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I Openers

                                                                                                                                                                     spring flowers

We clean our yards…

             We clean our houses…

How about doing some…



                                 Spiritual Spring Cleaning

On occasion Marcia shares with us the beginnings of CCM.  This story includes a moment when Marcia, while waiting upon God, remembered her earthly father’s words “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” and so she scrubbed the floor.

We invite you this spring to do a little Spiritual Spring Cleaning.  Our Spirits can get heavy and weighed down by various things in our life.  In Matthew Jesus tells the leper, “Be Clean cialis prisfald.”  Jesus was referring to the man’s physical ailment but we could use the same inspiration to lighten the load on our Spirit so that we might make more room for joy in our lives.

*Do you have Old Baggage dragging behind you?  Hanging onto old hurts, unforgiveness and bitterness is like old baggage in the attic you just can’t seem to part with.  You are so familiar with it, you don’t even realize it is hindering your life and dragging down your Spirit.  Remember the letting go is a gift to you; the gift of freedom and peace.                                                             

*What drains your Spirit?  Is it a situation, a person, or an activity you do that you don’t really like doing?  Is it something you have been meaning to do and never get around to?  Make a list of these things and see if every day you can take one thing off the list.  If this is too much, try weekly to remove something from the list.  This may include recognizing that what you have been meaning to get around to isn’t meant to be anymore. Think fun!  Mary Poppins was on to something when she made the work for the day fun.  So sing, invite a friend over to help, include music, and for sure limit your time to 1 hour.  Next treat yourself to doing something REALLY fun.

*What habits do you have with the way you treat your body that need to be released? Our Spirits are housed in our bodies.  If we don’t treat our body well what impact might that have on our Spirits.  Certainly we run the risk of experiencing a drop in our energy level.  Do you need to drink more water?  Do you need to get more exercise or rest?  Is there a health issue that you have been trying to ignore.  Now is the time to clean that area up.

*Is it time to take out the garbage…What thinking patterns do you need to release to have a lighter Spirit?  If your Spirit feels heavy, chances are you have thinking patterns that need to be released.  Begin to walk awake to what you are saying to yourself.  As you listen you will recognize the fear inducing, heavy thought patterns.  This is a wonderful opportunity to “talk-back” to that voice and reteach it.  Very often what is ACTUALLY true is the exact opposite of the limiting belief.  If you are looking for a source of healthy thinking patterns to replace the less useful ones check out the book:  THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO.  It is filled with inspiring healthy patterns that can lighten our Spirits.

*How is your alignment…(no not your tires…) Are your actions and your words reflecting what you truly believe?  If you believe “with God all things are possible”, do your actions reflect this belief?  If you believe you are called to share joy and love, are the words out of your mouth complaints and gossip or supportive and compassionate?  The more congruent your actions with your beliefs the lighter and alive your Spirit will be.

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                                       Thanks to M. Fairchild and S. Riutta for inspiring this post.