I Openers

Hip Hip Hooray!!  tulips and daffodils

                     Spring is on its way!

We have reached the last installment of our series on ways to boost your mental health and maintain balance in your life.  Anticipation can be such a fun, joyful experience.
Knowing that the beautiful bright colors of the first tulips and daffodils are on the way
can certainly bring hope to a winter weary heart!

TIP #9: 
Refresh yourself…

Get plenty of sleep. A bedtime routine isn’t just for kids. Going to bed at a regular time each day can lead to better sleeping.  Sleep restores our both our mind and body.  However feelings of fatigue can still set in if you feel constantly rushed and overwhelmed when you are awake.  Allow yourself the gift of time even during your day time schedule.  Remember the old saying, “Stop to smell the roses.”  Slowing down can be a great way to refresh.
TIP #10:
Build healthy self-esteem…

Self-esteem is more than just seeing your good qualities.  It is being able to see all your
abilities and weakness together, accepting them, and doing your best with what you have.  For example you may not play golf, tennis or cards well enough to be a star, but that should not stop you from enjoying the game.  Building your confidence is about letting our strengths shine and knowing we have the ability to work on our weak points which helps us mature, grow and feel engaged in life.
TIP #11
Get involved….contribute to your community…

Being involved in things that really matter to us provide a great feeling of purpose and
satisfaction.  You should always remember that you make a difference, no matter how big or small your efforts.  Read to children at your local library, help out a neighbor, work in a community garden, or do something nice for a friend.  There are many great ways to contribute that can help you feel good about yourself and your place in the world.  An effort to improve the lives of others is sure to improve your life too.

TIP #12
Have a spirituality to call your own…

prayerful womanLearn to be at peace with yourself.  Get to know who you are: what makes you really happy, what you are passionate about.  Learn more about what you believe.  Give yourself time to learn what “leaning into God” means to you.  Learn to balance what you are able to change about yourself with what you cannot change.  Read scripture, get out into nature, use daily inspired readings  — finding your way to connect to Divine Love is an adventure worth embarking on.