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“I” Openers

yoga peaceWe are sharing ways to boost your mental health and maintain your life balance.  To add to the 4 tried and true tips from the previous post we have 4 more ideas that can melt any humdrum mood.

TIP #5: Learn to deal with and manage your stress effectively…

Stress is a normal part of life.  How we deal with it depends on our attitude. It helps to know what triggers our stress.  This gives us a chance to avoid unnecessary stressors and prepare or manage others.    Winding down from stress can include relaxation breathing, yoga, or a mini-vacation — brain break.   To take a 5 minute vacation — each day set aside 5 minutes for a mental health break.  Find a spot to be alone and give yourself to permission to day-dream.  Enjoy dreaming about a place, person or idea, or think nothing at all!  You will feel like you have been on a mini-vacation.

TIP #6      Deal with your Emotions…

We are all challenged to find safe, constructive ways to express and share our feelings of anger, sadness, joy and fear.  How can we deal with our moods?  Share joyful news with a friend; “cry on a friend’s shoulder” when you feel blue.  Physical exercise can help you deal with your anger.  Keep a stack of your favorite funny cartoons or a collection of humorous stories or videos for times when you feel the need to laugh.

                                            healthy habits

TIP#7             Take time to enjoy…

Set aside time for activities, hobbies and projects you enjoy.  Let yourself be spontaneous and creative when the urge takes you.  Do a crossword; read a book, sew, scrapbook, draw pictures with your kids or grandkids, play with your pet, bake, cook, or write a letter to someone special.

TIP#8    Participate and share interests…

Being part of a group of people with a common interest provides a sense of belonging and is good for our mental health.  Join a sports club; a band; a dance class; a theatre or choir group; a book or car club; or a bible study.  If you know your way around the internet, google  –meet up groups–.  Meet up groups can connect you with people who have similar interests to yours.  Recently a client shared that her Meet Up group took in a local art event.  Now that’s a great way to bring beauty into a blustery winter day.

Book Nook

Eckhart Tolle is an author some will recognize and some will not.  You can listen to his message on tape or dig into his writings — either way he is definitely worth learning from.  He has been around sharing his insights for some time…yet his message is timeless.


ECT               ECT2

Both books opened up a new world of NOW for us.  We like so many miss our nows and therefore miss a lot of life.  This pair comes highly recommended.