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Sharin’ the Journey

A Note From the Director                  

In Between

On a regular basis at CCM people come to us in the middle of their own” in between” place.  Sometimes people are in between a relationship not working and its being healed and healthy.   Others come feeling stuck between a struggle with anxiety or depression and the relief that comes with new coping skills and hope.  Then there are clients that come in between the pain of their pasts and the promise of their future.  Still others enter our doors trying to navigate the in between of life transitions like jobs, moves, loss, etc.  We also have clients experiencing the in between of having insight but needing help to take action.  It is a privilege that people choose to reach out to us from their in between place.

Speaking of in between places, this newsletter comes to you nestled in between the afterglow of Christmas and the anticipation of a New Year.  While attending a Christmas service I found myself in my own in between moment.  My in between –could best be described as between disbelief “Seriously! How can this be?” and belief “Wow what a great message; a message worth implementing.”                                                                                                                                                         The message began, “Christmas is not about giving.”  My mind instantly jumped to …Really! Haven’t you heard it is better to give than to receive and wouldn’t that especially be true for Christmas.   The message continued… “Christmas is about receiving.  It is vital that Christmas be a time that we receive the gift that God has sent us in Jesus.  It is key to our existence that we receive the love that God intended for us through the person of Jesus.  To receive God’s love means making time to receive.  Just  5 or 10 minutes a day — sitting quietly and opening up to receiving love from God can make such a big difference.”   The question was posed, “How can you truly give to others if you have not received love –from the source of all love?”  As I said…I went from disbelief to belief.

So as this newsletter arrives in your email “in between” Christmas and New Year’s maybe considering – making(the Christmas message) receiving God’s love  a part of your New Year’s  new habit will make for a very fun and creative in between moment for you.

All of us at CCM Counseling & Wellness hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a blessed New Year.


Book Nook

This is the time of year that many of us look for a new devotional as the new year is just around the corner.  Or maybe you are looking for a gift idea for someone special.  Here is an idea for both.

LOVE IS A VERB by Gary Chapman is a devotional that will help the reader communicate love more effectively and in turn build lasting relationships.  This all-new book with readings for every day of the year will show readers love in action. Each day’s reading includes a Scripture, real life story, along with the devotional thought from Dr. Chapman. The heart-tugging stories from everyday people displaying love in action encourage readers to give love a chance–or a second chance.