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Word Alive

“The Moment” 

 If we focus on the past or the future, we lose our present. 

I think it was very smart of God to not give man the past or future.  I believe God knew we could only handle the present.  The problem is that man often decides to ignore the daily moments and waste time worrying about the future or become frozen in the past.  When this happens, we miss life. 

To live in the fullness of time and to be most alive, we need to become awake to all our precious moments in life and see Jesus in all of them.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Sharin the Journey

Back to School time!  For some of us this time brings back memories of our school days.  For others “back to school” is experienced through the eyes of children or grandchildren.  For all those who support education, the teachers, administrators, aides, bus drivers, cooks, maintenance workers, crossing guards, etc. “back to school” is a new beginning much like the rest of us experience New Years.  It seems fair to say that pretty much everyone has some connection to or memory of “Back to School.”  Marcia and I were both teachers at one time so it is very natural for us to see this as the start of another year for CCM as well.   Around the offices of CCM we have spent the last few months thinking about and focusing on THE MORE.  THE MORE means exploring an experience, scripture, or relationships at a deeper level.  So what might be THE MORE to “Back to School”?

Truth is there are many answers to that question.  Let’s consider a couple of possibilities…          There is no argument that learning takes place all the time in every part of a person’s life.  “Back to School” is an annual reminder of the value of learning.  It’s easy though, to think of “back to school” as a call to those youngsters and people entering a school program BUT what if THE MORE is that “back to school” can be a call to each of us to make an intention to learn something new, renew an old relationship, step out into a new group, or deepen and enrich our already personal relationship with God.  In the spirit of deepening your learning we are inviting you to stop by CCM Counseling & Wellness and check out our library.  We have so many good books that can inspire, teach, or are just meant to be enjoyed.   The borrowing process is easy and the book can be yours for a month.

Another way to explore THE MORE of “back to school” is to consider one of the most important accessories to the “back to school” experience….THE BACKPACK.   Take some time to reflect on what you carry around in your – backpack – of life.  Have you been carrying ideas or habits that no longer serve your highest good?  Are there hurts and pains lingering and cluttering up your backpack?  What new supplies would you like to add to your backpack?  We have all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”  That’s why everyone’s backpack needs to include HUMOR tucked into one of its many pockets.  A client shared with us what was in her backpack pocket……

“My backpack is too heavy…it’s on the bus & I’m walking to school!”

“I’ve got more baggage than a “Mama’s boy” on his first day of school!”  

It’s your turn what does “back to school” mean for you?