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Word Alive


Words can never communicate what a shared look can say.  We need to practice the powerful communication of love by looking each other in the eye with that love with which Christ fills our heart.  Let us touch the soul of another person with the gentle look of love and acceptance.

We would all be amazed at how much good a look of love can bring to our world.  It might even become contagious.

“The eye is the lamp of the Body.  If the eye is good your whole body will be filled with light, but if your eyes are bad your body will be filled with darkness, how great that darkness.” Matthew 6: 22-23

Sharin the Journey

     Here at CCM we have seen the incredible impact that attending to all aspects of a person, mind spirit and body, can have on mental health and wellbeing.  We have partnered with gifted practitioners in an effort to make it easier for our clients and the general public to access supportive healing services like Christian Reiki, Reflexology, and Massage.

Recently, I have become a big HGTV fan.  I really enjoy learning and gathering ideas from the creative and talented designers, craftsmen, and homeowners.  An expression I have heard frequently is …you want “CUSTOM not just COOKIE CUTTER.”  I am thrilled to say that CUSTOM service and treatment is exactly what you will receive from our new massage therapist, Heidi Norman.

Heidi’s career as massage therapist began back in 1986 as she was trained and licensed in Illinois.  In 2003 she returned to school at Fox Valley School of Massage.  At the completion of this program she became certified and licensed in the state of Wisconsin.  Heidi’s next step was to set up an office near her home in Oconto.  Heidi has been a treasure to CCM for years as she has served as one of our massage therapists at our annual women’s retreats.   We were so excited when she accepted our invitation to partner together.  Her passion for holistic healing is a perfect fit for us at CCM Counseling & Wellness.

Heidi is trained in Swedish, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, and Sports (treatment work) massage techniques.  She also offers ear candling, kineseo-taping and reflexology.  As a client of Heidi’s you can expect that she will engage you in an initial conversation that will allow her to custom fit her massage expertise to your specific needs. Her ability to provide Custom not just cookie cutter treatment helps clients experience a stronger body awareness, a decrease in stress, physical relief from injury and or inflammation, physical and emotional detoxing and mental clarity. Heidi not only talks the talk when it comes to the value and benefits of massage…she walks the walk.  Besides providing for her own balanced health, Heidi credits her receiving massages from various other local practitioners for being able to add new techniques to her already impressive range of techniques.

Heidi is married and the mother of three teens.  She enjoys being active by hiking, gardening, and being outdoors. Her favorite times of her day both on personally and professionally are when she sits quietly and connects with God or during a session when she receives a revelation from God that enriches the service that she is offering a client.  “…that relationship is my favorite thing.”  The staff at CCM along with Heidi invite you to call the office and set up an appointment for a CUSTOM not just COOKIE CUTTER massage and while you are there you can share your favorite thing with Heidi…

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1. False – Firecrackers are the rockets that make more noise and not so much sparkle, whereas, fireworks are the rockets that are created for their beautiful visual display.

2. C – Sparklers were invented in 1880.

3. B – The first parade was held in Washington D.C. but it was not through the streets of our capital.  It was a parade of boats on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.  President John Quincy Adams (1825 to 1829) and a group of Americans and foreign dignitaries boarded a steamboat and led a procession of barges and other boats             up the river.

4. A – It was in 1941 that Congress finally named the long standing celebration of our nation’s independence a legal holiday.

5. B – Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Amazingly enough he died on July 4, 1826 which was the 50th anniversary of the original signing.

6. C—  It is Betsy Ross who is given credit for having sewn the flag together.

7. B – There were 56 men who signed the Declaration.

8. A – Believe it or not the estimate is 150 million hotdogs!

9. False – The federal holiday’s official name is Independence Day.

10. C – Apple

May this coming 4th of July be a blessing for you and your family.