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“WILD”        by Cheryl Strayed

This National Bestseller tells the story of Cheryl Strayed and her search for something, anything that would help her sort through the death of her mother, the scattering of her family, and her marriage falling apart.  Feeling there was nothing left to lose; Strayed decides to back pack alone into the wilderness.  Her adventure presents opportunities for her to look deep within.  What Strayed finds is her own personal strength, her sense of self-reliance and even a new found joy.  A great read…ready to inspire anyone who opens its pages….. 

Sharin’ the Journey: A Note from the Director

In the April newsletter I wrote that CCM would be introducing our new massage therapist, Heidi Norman in our May edition of Wellbeing.  Only a week later Heidi let us know that she was wrapping up some additional classes she was enrolled in.  For Heidi this meant studying for finals.  We agreed that her introduction would need to wait until June.  I laughed and told Heidi, “This is a perfect chance to write about Going with the flow.

We have all faced times in life when our best efforts and plans meet with unexpected twists and turns.  Author and coach, Dawn Gluskin, describes it like this…

“Life doesn’t always give us what we want, but it sure gives us what we need.  It’s funny how that happens.  Sometimes, we’re so sure about how things are supposed to play out that we fight, kicking and screaming, any deviation of the plan that comes our way.  Oddly enough, the more we resist, the more it persists and the harder we make it on ourselves.  It’s like trying to swim upstream against a strong current.  Our arms and legs move furiously, but we get nowhere.  We end up completely exhausted and out of breath.”

So if life zigs when you are zagging instead of ending up out of breath and frustrated why not consider these options….

Push your “Flexible” button rather than your “Panic” button.  It’s not easy but, try moving out of your head and into your heart.  It is easier for God to support you from the flexible place in your heart.  It is quieter there and you have a better chance of hearing your guidance.

Keep smiling and dig for the silver.  This is another way of saying keep your eyes open for the silver lining, for the opportunity for good to come out of the broken plan or the tough turn of events.  Take joy in the sunrise or sunset, in the breeze on your face, or the birds that are singing.

Carry a reminder.  For me this is often a short reading, a scripture verse, an inspiring quote, or on occasion maybe a physical reminder like a penny or cross in my pocket…something that will signal your brain to remind you…This too shall pass.  Here’s one of my favorites from Sarah Young’s   “Dear Jesus”.

When you are weary and everything seems to be going wrong, you can still utter these four words: “I trust you Jesus.”  By doing so you release matters into God’s control and you can fall back into the security of God’s arms.

We’d love to hear your ideas on how you……GO WITH THE FLOW…..

Word Alive


Never love anything that can’t love you back. 

Our world tells us in so many ways that certain “things” will make us more acceptable.  TV, radio, the internet, magazines, movies, etc. tell us how important “things” are to our happiness.  The truth is that “things” bring only a fleeting moment of pleasure and often come to control our money and time.

Matt 6:21 tells us “for where your treasure is, there will your heart also be”.  A heart filled with things is a lonely place.  A heart filled with love is a heart connected to God and others.

Identify one thing in your life you will spend less time on,

and one person you will spend more time with.