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Sharin’ the Journey

A Note From the Director

           “How do you spell RELIEF?” was a famous line from a Rolaids commercial some years ago.  For those of us who have braved the last few months while living in Wisconsin, I believe the answer to this question is, “We spell relief, S*U*N*S*H*I*N*E — sunshine!”  A close runner up would be “No More Snow.”

All of us at CCM believe that our clients deserve the highest quality of mind, spirit, and body care we can provide.  We also believe that as we support our clients on their journey it is important we don’t ask them to do anything that we would not be willing to do.  As a result, we try to continue to challenge ourselves to grow and be aware of the ongoing process we are each experiencing.  This month our staff participated in a day long workshop called “Developing Positive Emotional Habits.”  Simply stated it was a Happiness workshop.

We learned that happiness has many influences.  For instance, 50% of our happiness is related to our genetic makeup and only 10% is related to objective life circumstances such as job, house, car, etc.  The good news is that leaves 40% of our happiness up to our own intentional activities.  Dr. Brian King explained the brain science connection to happiness.  Did you know that your brain is always receiving and processing signals?  In most cases without you even being conscious of it?  It is this automatic pilot response that makes up our habits which is an incredible 95% of our daily activities.  By being more aware of our habits and interjecting some intentional activities, we can increase our happiness level.  Dr. Brian shared ideas that can send a positive signal to your brain and in turn give you a little lift.

Here’s a fun quick exercise that sends a positive signal to your brain.

*Find a clean pen or pencil (or at least one only you  use)   *Hold the pen/pencil horizontally and then put it in your mouth holding it there between your lips with your teeth.   *The muscle configuration while you are holding the pen is the same configuration as when you smile.   *Your brain gets the message from your mouth muscles that you are smiling.   * This triggers your brain to do its job of sending endorphins your system, which results in the feeling of being happier.


Book Nook

“Bell Canto” and “State of Wonder”      

by:  Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett is a favorite author to many of us.  She writes the kind of book you don’t want to put down but at the same time you don’t want it to end.  “State of Wonder” may start a little slow for some of your tastes, but before you know it you will find yourself deeply intrigued by the story and the adventure that unfolds.