Jacob Kumpfer, MMFT, Professional Counselor

Hello, my name is Jacob Kumpfer.  My journey with CCM started when I met with Marcia Thompson nearly 5 years ago.  I asked her about what it would take to become a professional counselor and she gave me wisdom and insight.  After 3 years of graduate school, I was able to complete my internship with CCM and then had the opportunity to join the CCM family upon completing my degree.  I could not say no.  God placed me on a path that I did not know where it led, but by faith I believe I am exactly where He wants me to be!

This is a sentiment I would like to extend to anyone I may work with.  No matter where you are and no matter what has happened, there is hope.  We are all on this journey called “life”.  It has its ups and downs and sometimes we just need someone to talk to or someone to help us get through the tough times.  I believe God has placed me here at CCM to be a source of hope and healing.

I hold a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) and although I am specifically trained to work with marriage and family clients, I work with all different kinds of clients ranging from children, individuals, couples, and families.  I take a person-centered, solution-focused, and spiritual approach to counseling. These approaches are effective for alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression.  Furthermore, I work with clients who have suffered traumas or have mental disorders.

If you are struggling and need help on your journey through life, please consider meeting with me. I would love to come along side you and help bring hope and healing.
Please call to set up an appointment: (920) 498-3383