Internship Outreach

CCM Counseling & Wellness has been serving the mental health and wellness needs of the people of this area for more than three and a half decades.  CCM has had a tradition of building a stronger community by empowering people through counseling, education and creating opportunities where people can embrace a life of wholeness. It has been a part of our mission to reach out to people who might not otherwise have access to the support and healing that counseling can provide. Our Intern and Free Counseling Outreach Program was established years ago to connect “no and low income” individuals with quality mental health care. Several years ago we were providing over 1000 hours of free counseling a year, but recently that number dropped due to not having the funding to get the word out and let people know about this amazing community outreach. Thanks to the Green Bay Packers Foundation and the grant money awarded, we can now continue our tradition of support and service to the community.