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We specialize in mind, spirit and body therapies.

Providing clinically sound professional counseling without the clinical setting.

CCM Counseling and Wellness has been serving Green Bay area clients seeking help for mental health concerns since 1980

We invite you to visit our offices where you will experience a genuine environment. You will be greeted with acceptance, hope, and encouragement. Your therapy will be conducted in a personal, private, and safe environment.

An important part of mental health counseling is talk therapy. The belief that it is vital to go beyond this traditional therapy to include the whole person - mind, spirit, and body- has attributed to our successfully supporting our clients for over three decades.

We are ready to meet you right where you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We offer you the opportunity to discover your own path of healing and wholeness. For you, transforming your life may include exploring Christian counseling, holistic phsycotherapy, marriage counseling, a solution-focused style therapy, mindfulness or inner child healing.

Take your first step forward and call for an appointment. If you prefer, you can link to our online appointment scheduling by clicking on the tab "Counselors". Choose a counselor from the drop down listing and click on that counselor's name. Follow the prompts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our counselors specialize in Christian counseling, EMDR, CBT, Reactive Attachment, Body-centered therapies, and other holistic mental health interventions that help people overcome or build healthier approaches to addressing the following concerns.




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Mind, Spirit, Body Connections

People, like life and nature are not one dimensional. In nature there is winter, spring, summer, and fall and in life there are ups, downs, plans, and surprises. As people we are a unique blend of mind, body, and spirit. We recognize how vital it is to acknowledge and support the "pieces" and the "wholeness" of our clients. We understand that a client's are interconnected. If there is pain, anxiety, or confusion in one part it affects the wellness of the other parts.

It is our intention to offer clients opportunities to enhance their therapy sessions and emotional healing by using other natural and safe methods of physical and spiritual healing and self-improvement.

Currently, we have practitioners trained in , , , ,  and .

We also offer .

Together we can help ensure that your healing journey is just the right fit for you.

Our counselors work in partnership with their clients in order to explore what lies beneath the surface of outward symptoms. Through the therapy process, clients can identify their strengths while gathering new tools and insights which will help them move forward toward a more confident, balanced, and meaningful life.

What you think, affects how you feel, which influences what actions you take. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, marital or relationship struggles, questioning, feeling dissatisfied or facing any number of other challenges we help you discover the cause (a belief, thinking pattern, or misconception) not just manage a symptom. This method of treatment brings restoration and the long term change clients are seeking and deserve.

Our goal is to empower our clients with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of their body, mind, and spirit, while equipping them with the tools they can use to affectively move forward and feel prepared to navigate and celebrate themselves, their relationships, and their life.

We believe in the power of extending healing and hope to others whether it is within our offices or through outreach. To support this belief we have put together a variety of ways for you to access inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, and insight.

is a fun, practical, humorous way for woman to relate their everyday experiences to the messages in scripture. Through you can explore scripture as it applies to good mental health ideas. If you enjoy a good read, whether for fun, adventure, or inspiration check out the titles and brief reviews of our favorite books in our section. A is a dose of laughter for good mental health.

As professionals we know that the changes and healing that we see in the offices need to be supported throughout our client's daily life. The above opportunities are just that, enjoy.

Come away with me to a quiet place and you will be refreshed. (Mark 6:30)
Do one thing. Forget everything that is behind and look forward to that which is ahead. (Philippians 3:13)
I am awesomely and wonderfully made and my soul knows it well. (Ps. 139:14)
Unique to CCM Counseling & Wellness is the enlightening approach to discovering who we are called The Circles of Life. The "Circles of Life" is an easy to understand process that can change and enrich a person's life. It is an effective tool that creator Marcia Thompson has used successfully with clients for 25 years. Counselors at CCM have also been trained to use this tool with clients to learn more.
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